Books in Bathing Suits

Oh hey guys. I've got a couple fun bits of news here. Actually, three bits. No one wants to be a two-bit news person.

The first is the most exciting, and I'm all a-tremble. I finally finished work on the paperback version of Firebird. I have to say, this is a huge load off my mind. I didn't realize the work that would go into resizing that bad boy (Eventually, it was easier to just redo the artwork. That's right--in the battle of woman vs. machine, I bowed out.)

But it wasn't just the artwork and cover design that were holding me up. As most of you know, I decided to do a 2nd edition of Firebird, omitting all F-da-bombs. F-bombs. Friggins. Frackins. Fiddlesticks and tiddlywinks. 

I'm drifting. The point is, my second bit of news: I've finished rewriting, revising, and reworking my beautiful book. And you know what? I love it even more. Little things that bothered me (the page numbers stay on one side of the page, and don't alternate from back/front, to name one) are now tweaked to perfection. I've got a fresh new book, a book in a bathing suit, and I can't wait to take her out to dinner. Er, to get a few hundred copies, I mean. What kind of maniac would take her book out to dinner...

Anyway. Last, and certainly not least, I've been accepted to the Twin Cities Book Festival. 

"Twin Cities Book Festival? What's that?"

I'm so happy you asked. 

For the past 18 years, I've been feeling like I'm missing something in my life. And recently, I realized that it was this festival. Over 6000 book-lovers gather every year in the Twin Cities to browse the latest authors and publishers, listen to people talk about books, and in general, bask in the resplendent glory of the written word.

If you like me or my work or both, come down to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on October 13th from 10-5 and check out my author booth. I literally cannot express my joy at being able to type those two words in reference to myself. Author booth.

And if you don't like me or my work or both, then by all means, come anyway and check out the fantastic line up of authors. Just look at these beautiful humans:

Actually, if you don't like me, I have to wonder why you're here. Are you plotting my imminent demise? Gathering intelligence to better destroy me? Are you my arch nemesis? 

I certainly hope so. I've always wanted one. If only to be able to scrutinize everything that goes wrong around me, and say, "My arch nemesis is getting stronger." Or, "I sense a disturbance in the Force." Oh! "MWAHAHAHA."

You might think that MWAHAHAHA is the nemesis's line, but you'd be wrong. I'm a little evil, myself. 

I'm officially ranting. Paperback, 2nd edition, Twin Cities Book Festival...I think I've covered my bases. 

Here’s another link:

I'll have the paperback version up and ready to sell through my website by the middle of September (I've ordered a tester copy, just to make sure everything is in order). Amazon will likely have it up and ready to sell by the end of the week, because they're Amazon and they don't have to gently caress/sniff the book before shipping it. 

So if you want an unsniffed, uncaressed, unsigned book, check in at Amazon. I just had a peek, and they have a coverless monstrosity of a "no image available" book for my paperback right now. So, yeah. I'm equal parts horrified and excited. 

This truly is parenthood. 

Actually, I have no idea. My dogs, I've been told, don't count as "actual children". But hey, I'm horrified and excited every day when I come home to see them, and discover whatever they've decided to eat in our home.


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