Interview with the Radiant Molly Ovenden

Oh, hello November.

Shorter days, frosty air, and the occasional Christmas song on the radio: it must be true, but I'm still not sure where my summer went.

For me, November brings with it a fresh challenge (and no, it's not seeing how much turkey the human body can comfortably hold). National Novel Writing Month is every November, and this will be my fifth year participating. Time to get those fingers tapping, that creativity bustling, and another book worked out of the tangled yarn that is my mind.

And on the wings of said creativity, I had the absolutely pleasure of chatting with the creative writing coach herself, Molly Ovenden. Please head over to her blog and check out our interview. I give some helpful tips for writers looking to get into self-publishing--or even just finishing that novel that's been camping in the back of their mind. We discussed my Firebird Chronicles, so that was an exhillerating experience, worldbuilding and character development. It was, all in all, a wonderful time.

I hope you give us a listen! 



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