Local Author & Illustrator Showcase

Well, I didn't officially meet Elijah Wood or Sean Astin, but I was basically sitting by them in my booth, so I'm going to say that counts. 

The Twin Cities Con was amazing. Cosplayers were out of this world, vendors were vibrant, the energy was bubbling, and in short--I spent last weekend in my happy place. I'm ecstatic to have met such a diverse group of people, contacts, and (of course) new readers who have joined my little clan of fans. I love you guys.

So, what's next??

I'll be at the Ely Public Library from 11-2 on Saturday for a local authors & artists showcase. So if you're in the Ely area, please stop by and say hi! And revel in the creative culture of Ely--this is a beautiful place born of and toward inspiration, and I love seeing how different creators harness that energy. Seriously, this is going to be a wonderful event.

Otherwise, I am knuckling down on book 3 of the Firebird Chronicles, giving it the first makeover of edits (this is the hardest part, honestly. This is where the guts of the story get ripped out, rearranged, and orderly snuggled back into the book). I'm *also* working on...

...well, let's save that for another blog. It deserves its own announcement. Suffice to say, K.A. Williams isn't about to stop with 3 books and call her life good. Not at all. Not by a long shot.

Anyway, sparkle on my vibrant book bebes.



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