Oh hey, so I stopped doing the page a day saga.

For those of you following my blog, you might have noticed that I disappeared from my weekly posts. This is partially because when I sat down to write about my day, I realized that my brain had almost nothing interesting to say. But the biggest reason was that I only have so much writing stamina in me after a workday, and I found myself pouring all of it into this blog instead of into editing my book.

For shame, Williams.

So, I stopped writing a page a day and instead got myself in gear for the publishing season.

And here's the thing: it worked.

Olympus has been written. Olympus has been edited. Olympus has been rewritten, because that's what editing eventually does. And now, Olympus has been printed.

Well, one copy has been printed. As the editor/designer/writer/business owner/literally-everything-else-my book-needs-er, I need to make extra-very-superduper sure that my book is ready to be sold. I needed to feel it in my hands (it's soft and heavy like a baby seal), I need to turn the pages and smell the fresh ink (smells like love, people), and I need to scan each and every detail of the story (which has me reading with bated breath, and I know what happens). 

I need a hard copy before I can in good faith order the first hundred.

And those hundred were ordered on the eighth. The EIGHTH. As I type, Olympus is being printed. Each purple cover is been colored, every page stamped with black ink. And I know that a parent always thinks his/her kid is the prettiest of them all, but you know what? MINE IS. This book is gorgeous. This book is awesome. This book looks like the first book's sexy younger, beefier sister. 

So what happens next? Well, we wait. And maybe, we plan.

I'm hoping to have a few signing events in Ely toward the beginning of September, so stay tuned and I will let you know the days and times shortly. I missed the deadline for the Harvest Moon Festival up here (by a mile), so I won't be at a booth this year. 

And, you can pop over to my website and preorder a copy today! k-a-williams.com. I will hold your orders (in the order I receive them, of course) and then ship all of them out just as soon as I receive my first shipment of books. That will hopefully be by the 22nd of August, but you know how these things go. Sooner would be great. Later would be tragic ;) 

If you live in Ely, throw the code ELYHUMAN into the checkout code place, and it will let you have free shipping (AKA, I'll hand-deliver your book to a mailbox of your choosing).

You also can head over to Amazon and preorder! I recommend typing "williams olympus book" into the search bar, because they haven't realized that I'm a big deal yet.

I recently noticed that you can order my books from Barnes and Noble online (https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/olympus-k-a-williams/1132879889?ean=9780578548401). Frankly, if you don't order directly through me, this is the very best option! Reviews and orders through Barnes and Noble help me the most, and perhaps would inspire them to carry my little baby in their physical stores. Wouldn't that just be the bees knees?

That's all for now. I promise to let you know the very hour my books arrive. Let’s be honest, you’ll probably hear me frolicking. 

Love yall!



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  • Yay! I’m excited to get my hands on a copy whenever there’s a paperback version available (I’m weird I guess and can’t figure out how people can comfortably hold hardcovers for any length of time). Congrats!

    Unrelated, but have you read Martha Wells’ “The Murderbot Diaries” series? I just consumed the first one (All Systems Red) in one day and instantly thought of Firebird. You two have a similar writing style in my opinion (action-focused, good at relating what the character thinks/feels as the plot unfolds) and they are both SciFi, action packed, and feature political intrigue and a great and diverse space crew cast. I’d be interested to know what you think of that series.

  • Mark me down for a signed copy for my William Collection!! Please…how much and when?

    Shaun Chosa

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