Olympus Signings

Greetings fellow Earthlings.

Too many moons have passed since I last presented the typed word on my blog. Too many moons, indeed. Rest assured that I have been thoroughly reprimanded for such by a beta reader who shall remain nameless. 

But I have not been idle! In fact, this past month has been among the most hectic of my 27 years. That's not a lot of years, granted, but this month took so much out of me, I feel like those 27 years were just aged by an additional 27. So really, I could at this point claim 54 years of experience.

Maybe not. But the point remains: I've been busy.

Busy doing signings! Thank you again to Northern Grounds in Ely, MN for hosting my first signing for Olympus. How did it go, you ask? 


I caught up with old readers. I made some new friends, and some of them became new readers. I sold copies of Firebird. I sold almost a third of my supply of Olympus. And we're just getting started.

My next signing will be at the Twin Cities Book Festival on October 12th! I met quite a few of you there last year, and I have to say that I was devastated when I applied this year and found out that I was too late and had to be put on a wait list. BY THE PURPLE SKIES, DEVASTATED I SAY!

Never fear. I was recently emailed that I had been added to the festival, despite the odds, and I will once again be peddling my wares there. And, in answer to a lovely reader's question from last blog, YES! I shall be selling paperback copies of Olympus at that time.

At least, that's the plan. Because I hate myself and love sprouting grey hairs, I haven't gotten the paperback editions delivered yet. In fact, the first copy will be rushed into my loving arms by a UPS driver some time tomorrow evening. After I proof it (and hopefully, for the love of the Martian Universe, it won't need to have corrections/be resubmitted), I will order a bundle of them and do a book dance in hopes of having them delivered in time. What's life without a little terror and humiliation?

A good life, I suppose. But still. I'm aiming for GREAT. And how can I be GREAT without a solid stripe of white hair?

My next signing will be October 19th in Duluth, Minnesota for their very first DuluCon. I'm really excited for this one! And since it's a con, I've put an inordinate amount of thought into what I might be dressing up as. And while the paint is still drying on the idea, you just might be looking for Margaery Tyrell instead of K.A. Williams.

That's all the info I've got on signings/books/festivals for the time! Believe it or not, I'm still staying afloat. Me and Gimmer, bobbing in our boat. Didn't even need to sacrifice that goat.

Anyway. Crazy aside, I'm looking forward to seeing you all in October! And don't forget--do a book dance for me. I need that paperback to be perfect!





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