Twin Cities Book Festival

I like to be on time. So, naturally, I’m the nerd sitting in her car half an hour before we’re supposed to get to the festival. What can I say—I smelled books.

Aside from the timely, overeager me, WHO ELSE IS READY FOR BOOKS??!

I love Conventions. The nerdier, the better. There’s something intoxicating about being with a few thousand like-minded hoomans. I go home giddy and ready to write.

The same is doubly true for book festivals. A festival about books. Sort of my bread and butter. And the Twin Cities Book Festival is the best I’ve been to. I am absolutely in heaven.

So, as I sit here, now only 25 minutes early, watching the snow/rain/ice coat my windshield, I can already feel that giddy, bubbly joy brewing up inside of me. Like I opened a fizzy pop in my soul.

If you live in proximity to the Cities, and you’re cool (aka love books), slide on over to 1265 Snelling Ave, St Paul, MN. Look for me at Table No.515 and check out my darling new book, Olympus. All the worlds await.




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