Two: A Less New Day


It was a long day.

            The thing about loving writing is, like most things you love, there are moments of passion and moments of frustration. You never fall out of love. You just wonder whatever made you love it in the first place.

            I left home this morning ten minutes late, fought with the icy garage door, carried my frozen dog, worked through a whirlwind of paperwork, stared at the computer screen too long, made it to the supermarket to buy a shockingly expensive variety of house-care products, and poured too much soy sauce into my undercooked ramen.

            The point being, the last thing I want to do is continue staring at a computer screen. I want to pour a glass of wine, put my feet up, and watch The Big Bang Theory into blissful slumber. But here we are.

            And it’s not a bad thing, because I do love writing. It’s what makes me proud, what keeps me focused and passionate. I look at my book and I am happy. I fall into a story, and it’s bliss.

            It’s just hard sometimes. I have to slay the lazy couch-sloth that is my Wednesday evening brain.

            But it’s still the New Year, and I’m still reprograming that sloth-brain back into efficiency. Christmas left me with a full belly, a refrigerator full of the last scatterings of random beer and wine, and a Visa bill that I look for in my mailbox like a squirrel peeking around the corner to see if that dog is still there.

            I have to laugh, because it has taken about 30 hours for me to go from blissful optimism for 2019 to hells bells, just let me go to bed. But I feel like that’s the way it is for most people. There’s all of these resolutions and decisions, and they’re shiny as a new penny on the 1st. Then the 2nd rolls around and there’s no shine, just a penny and an overdue bill.

            Still, I’m writing. And while I type this, my brain is beginning to wander the labyrinth that is Firebird’s Mars. There’s magic and racing and a purple sunset to watch.

            So I’ve got my cat on my arms, my computer in my lap, and a world to go build. I hope that you all have had a lovely day. I hope that no one else is feeling the overwhelming urge to toss their cat into the snow, because she keeps sitting on the keyboard.


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